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Grow North

People living in northern communities have limited access to affordable fresh

vegetables. This is due to increased transportation costs and the prolonged time required for the vegetables to reach the consumer. Often, harmful preservatives are utilized to extend the shelf life of the produce.


Grow North is an indoor garden specifically designed for people in northern communities. It will be used to cultivate vegetables in their homes throughout the entire year. This design will improve the relationship between the produce and the consumer while increasing the availability of nutrition in the north.

Concept Development

​​In the past 100 years humans have become more disconnected from their environment than ever before. Children growing up today have a very limited concept of where their food actually comes from. A thirst for this knowledge has influenced many people to try reconnecting with nature.


An increase in population and the globalization of food trade has caused the price of fruits and a vegetables to soar. Consequently, extended transportation distance, use of pesticides, and lack of health standards have contributed to a decrease in the quality of produce available. Awareness of these issues has sparked interest in growing fruits and vegetables at home.

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